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#4 Garden sheds

Schroefpalen | TerraTechs

Garden sheds are a common sight in the Dutch garden. They are often delivered in complete construction packages, which you can be easily put together – even with little experience. For the seasoned do-it-yourselfers among us, we give some tips for building your own garden house in this blog.

You may not expect it, but a building package is often cheaper than when you build a garden house from scratch. The raw materials for garden houses are bought by producers on a large scale and resold in precise quantities and sizes. Do you have more specific requirements regarding shape and format? Then you might better build a garden house yourself.

Foundation for huts or log cabins

One of the most important conditions for a solid garden house is the foundation. A good foundation ensures that your garden house stands like a house. For the construction you can choose different types of foundations.

  • Concrete foundation flooring: This floor can be made with pouring concrete as well as laying concrete tiles. You can also choose to support the walls only using tiles or concrete tires.
  • Foundation with stainless steel screw piles, this foundation is doable for a handy DIY.
  • Wooden frame: Make a wooden frame where you attach the walls and floor to. Lay this wooden frame on top of a foundation of concrete tiles.

Always work on a solid subsurface while making a foundation and ensure that the pipelines that are underlying the foundation are already laid. When laying the foundation, always take into account excellent parts like the roof overhang. Attach the lower beams of the garden house to the foundation to anchor the garden house. Finally, make sure that the foundation is level and level and use hardwood or impregnated wood for the wood that is on the foundation. When using screw piles, it is important that there is no debris in the ground and ensure that the pipes are not located near the screw piles. Furthermore, there are various stainless steel adapters available to secure the wooden frame above the ground to the screw piles.

Walls of the garden house

Although the terms ‘log cabin’ and ‘garden house’ are often used together, the difference between the two concepts is visible in the walls. A log cabin is traditionally consisted of wooden logs that fit into recesses, also known as the log cabin. Many contemporary construction packages are put together in this way.

For the walls of a more modern garden house you have more freedom. Often a wooden frame – or wood skeleton – is first constructed of wooden beams, which is then coated with, for example, cladding boards. Of course you can also choose to have your garden house with stone or glass walls.

Roof choose for your garden house

Before starting the roof, you have to choose between different roof constructions and roofing. The most common roof constructions are listed below for you.

  • Saddle roof: This construction is by far the most used type. This traditional roof is characterized by two sloping sides.
  • Shield roof: The difference with the saddle roof and this construction is that at this roof the end faces are slanted.
  • Lesson roof: This roof is sloping on one side only, making one wall higher than the other.
  • Flat roof: Even flat roofs are often used. For these types of roofs, ensure that you properly manage the drainage.